Course syllabus OSEZ - Protection in Organic Farming Systems (FA - SS 2016/2017)

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Course code:
Course title in Czech:
Protection in Organic Farming Systems
Course title in English:
Protection in Organic Farming Systems
Semester: SS 2016/2017
Mode of completion and number of credits: Exam (5 credits)
Mode of delivery and timetabled classes: full-time, 2/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Level of course: master; master continuing
Course type:
Type of delivery:
Mode of delivery for our mobility students abroad:
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Language of instruction:
Course supervisor:
Course supervising department: Department of Crop Science, Breeding and Plant Medicine (FA)
Ing. Tamara Dryšlová, Ph.D. (instructor, lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Ing. Eva Hrudová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Laštůvka, CSc. (instructor, lecturer)
Timetable in this semester:
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Aim of the course and learning outcomes:
Student know essential pricipes of plant protection in organic farming, has skill in protection crops in organic farming.
Course content:
The philosophy, aims, importance and definition of organic farming. Multifunctional importance of organic farming. (allowance 2/2)
History and the present position of organic farming in the Czech Republic and EU. Legislative Institucionální zabezpečení ekologické produkce v ČR (allowance 2/2)
Specific of plant production systeme in organic farming. (allowance 2/2)
4.Organic farming and biodiversity. (allowance 2/0)
5.Principles of plant protection in organic farming. (allowance 1/2)
Preparation for plant protection in organic farming. (allowance 1/2)
GMO and organic farming (allowance 2/0)
Protection of cereals in organic farming (allowance 2/2)
Protection of oil crops in organic farming. (allowance 2/2)
Protection of root crops in organic farming (allowance 2/2)
11.Protection of fruit trees in organic farming (allowance 2/2)
Protection of vegetables in organic farming (allowance 2/2)
Protection of wine yeards in organic farming (allowance 2/2)
Learning activities and teaching methods:
Type of teaching method
Daily attendance
28 h
practice27 h
public presentation (oral)
1 h
preparation for exam40 h
preparation for regular assessment
20 h
preparation of presentation
4 h
elaboration and execution of projects
10 h
writing of seminar paper
10 h
140 h
Assessment methods:
Conditions of finishing
- 80% participation in seminars
- writing test -- maximum points is 20, minimum 16
- test has 20 questions -- open --ended questions
- length of examination is 50 minutes
Assessment criteria ratio:
Requirement type
Daily attendance
Total0 %
Recomended reading and other learning resources:
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Teaching place: Brno

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