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Faculty: Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Initial academic year: WS 2014/2015 - FFWT
Type of study: Master continuing
Programme: N 41 07 C-FE Forest Engineering
Language of instruction:Czech

Study programme characteristic (profile of study programme)

The programme is based on a broad comprehensive approach to forestry that encompasses fundamental understanding of forest ecosystems, forest management, development and application of close to nature silviculture, knowledge of both forest production and use of forest productive capacity, non wood forest produce, nature conservation including forest management of protected areas, understanding of the fundamentals of forest economics, and even psychological and sociological aspects of human resource management and forestry policy.
The knowledge gained in major courses is further widened in optional courses, such as protected area management; boreal, temperate, subtropical, and tropical forest ecosystem studies, forest management in foreign countries, etc. Students will become aware of aspects of supranational forest management, forestry organizations, nature conservation, and international timber trade.
The programme prepares graduates for a wide range of challenging positions in various state and private enterprises, budget organizations, state-funded institutions, non-governmental and other organizations concerned with forest, forestry and nature conservation in the Czech Republic or abroad.