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Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics
Initial academic year: WS 2020/2021 - FBE
Type of study: Bachelor

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CodeProgrammeLanguage of instructionNumber of fields of studyInformation about a study programmeViewBodies
B0612P140001B-AII Administration IS/ICT0-
B 99 95B-EAMA Economics and Management0-
B 99 94B-EAM Economics and Management0-
B 39 02B-II Engineering InformaticsCzech1
B 62 09B-SE System engineering and informaticsCzech1
B 99 98B-MOS Trade and Services Management0-

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EBEFAEBEFA Economic and Financial Analysis
EBLZEBLZ Human Resources
EBMCREBMCR Tourism Management
EBMMEBMM Management and Marketing
EBMMAEBMMA Management and Marketing
EBMOCEBMOC Trade Management