Agreements with foreign partners

Final report on the abroad placement

Name of student:
Ing. Hana Dočekalová
Home university
Faculty:Faculty of Horticulture
Coordinator:Ing. Jana Nečasová
Host institution
Name of institution:
Instituto Politécnico De Coimbra
Country:Republic of Portugal
Claudio Joao Guimaraes, Nuno Ferreira, Rita Pinto, Sandra Martins Duvergé
Address:Av. Marnoco e Sousa no.30, 3030-271 Coimbra
Phone:+351 239791250
+351 239791262
Stay from 02/18/2019 till 07/13/2019.
Duration of stay 4.8 months.

Evaluation of the abroad placement

1. Preparation before departure

Recommended way of transport:airplane
Price of transport:5000 zpáteční letenka
Required type of insurance:
Smluvené přes Mendelovu univerzitu
Price insurance:
Experience with an insured event:
Does receiving institution recognize Czech health instance?:
Other requirements of receiving university:
Reasons of interest in study abroad:
Where did you get information about the foreign study program?:
Did you attend language course before your departure?:
How long did the language preparation take (in months)?:
Who organized the language training?:
What was the level of language training?:

2. Acceptance

Study documents required or issued during admission (except Application Form, Learning Agreement a Transcript of Record):žádné jiné
Administrative documents required or issued during admission (except Application Form, Learning Agreement a Transcript of Record):
žádné jiné
What fees were paid at university?:

3. Accommodation, meals, local transport

Is accommodation for incoming students provided automatically?:not
Does the university provide accommodation at student dormitories?:
Indicate the type, quality, method of assurance:
přes internet před odjezdem, inzerát na pokoj na internetu
Another type of accommodation:
Apartment equipment, dormitories (incl. information on internet availability):9 pokojů, kuchyně, prádelna, 4 koupelny, internet
Please provide other comments about the accommodation (cooking facilities, fridge, etc.):
Does the university provide boarding in the canteen?:
Another type of boarding?:
Please provide other notes on meals (basic food prices, etc.):
Type of local transport:
walking, train, coach
The type of fare and its amount:

4. Study

Language of teaching at the receiving university:English
Method and system of teaching at the receiving university:Přednášky v portugalštině ale zkoušky v anglickém jazyce, takže spíše samostudium. Magisterské studium probíhalo pouze v pátek a sobotu.
Student work evaluation system (types of exams):
testy a seminární práce, prezentace
Were you included in regular classes with home students?:yes
Did you work independently (Ph.D. students, Final Thesis preparation, projects)?:
Does the host university use ECTS?:
Did you study in special programs for foreign students?:
Provide brief information about the organization of studies at the foreign university:
Number of achieved exams:
Number of achieved credits:
Other achieved results:
Briefly evaluate the level of teaching:
Briefly evaluate your language preparation for teaching:
What was the most difficult part of your study?:

5. Recognition of study abroad by home university

Has your study abroad been recognised at your home university?:
Conditions for recognition:
počet kreditů a uznání pouze odborných předmětů
What problems did you have to face?:

6. Finance

Approximate price for accommodation (per day) in local currency:6
Approximate price for meals (per day) in local currency:
Approximate price for transport in CZK:
Other costs (e.g. membership in student organizations, study texts, etc.) in CZK:
Describe or explain these additional costs:
Total costs for the entire study stay in CZK:
What percentage is covered by the student grant for a stay abroad:80
What do you consider financially unsustainable in the country?:
On the contrary, what can be saved on?:
In how many installments was the financial reward handed over?:1
How was the financial reward handed over?:
What other finace sources di you use for the study stay?:
vlastní peníze

7. Free time

How did you spend your free time?:
Was a program been organized for international students at the host university?:not
The form of such program:
What student organizations did you take part in?:
Degree of your integration among home students (1 none, 5 large):
Services for students:
Possibility of sports:
Expand these options:
Were you given access to libraries?:
Were you given access to the Internet?:yes
In what way (at school, at the place of accommodation, WiFi, etc.):
ve škole, v místě ubytování na wiFi. Data v telefonu
Possibilities of work during your study:

8. Advice and tips for other students

What problems did you encounter during your studies abroad?:
What problems did you encounter in preparing your journey?:
What positive experience did you encounter while preparing your journey?:
What positive experience did you encounter while preparing your journey?:

9. Willingness to cooperate

Are you willing to cooperate with the International Office when a foreign student arrives?:
How (eg to pick up a student at the railway station, show him/her the dormitories and the city, participate in organizing parties and excursions for foreign students, etc.):

10. Overall evaluation of the stay

How do you rate your study stay overall (1 very bad, 5 excellent):
Verbal evaluation of your study stay (expand):Rozhodně doporučuji! Coimbra je pravé studentské město a kvalita výuky je vysoká.
Proposals for improving the system of foreign program:
lepší komunikace s univerzitami