Agreements with foreign partners

List of students

The table shows the name of a student, the beginning and ending dates of his/her placement and the progress.

Agreement: 51|program Erasmus
Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Institution: Technishce Hochschule Rosenheim
Faculty: Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

StudentIdentificationSinceUntilStateTrip report
Ing. Pavel Šťastný, DiS.FFWT C-FE-FM [finished]01. 10. 200711. 02. 2008terminated
Ing. Michal MotyčkaFFWT C-FE-FE [finished]29. 09. 201130. 07. 2012terminated
Bc. Adam Florian, DiS.FFWT C-FE-FD [finished]29. 09. 200825. 07. 2009terminated