Agreements with foreign partners

List of institutions

With each institution there is a faculty of our university which concluded the agreement. Click on the Choose column to view the list of the faculties.

Agreement: 69|jiná forma krátkodobého pobytu
Country: People's Republic of China

Name of institutionScope of agreementNumber of studentsChoose
Anhui Agricultural UniversityFA,FH1
Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei, China0
Beijing Academy of Forestry and Pomology SciencesFH0
Beijing University of TechnologyMENDELU,REC0
Central South University of Forestry and TechnologyMENDELU,REC0
Dongguan University of TechnologyFBE,FA,REC6
East China Normal UniversityFBE,FA,FRDIS,FFWT,FH,REC,ILE0
Gansu Agriculutural UniversityMENDELU0
Guangdong University of Finance & EconomicsFBE,FA,FRDIS,FFWT,FH,REC,ILE0
Hainan UniversityMENDELU,REC0
Jilin Academy of Agricultural Science (JAAS)FA0
Ningbo UniversityFA1
Northwest UniversityMENDELU,REC0
Peking UniversityFFWT0
Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsMENDELU,REC1
Shanghai University of International Business and EconomicsFBE,FA,FRDIS,FFWT,FH,REC,ILE0
Shaoguan UniversityMENDELU,REC0
Zhejiang Gongshang UniversityMENDELU,REC0
Zhejiang International Studies UniversityMENDELU0
Zhejiang University of Finance and EconomicsFBE,FA,FRDIS,FFWT,FH,REC,ILE0
Zhejiang Wanli UniversityFBE,FA,FRDIS,FFWT,FH,REC,ILE0