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The ISIC cardholder is guaranteed more comfortable and economical travels. The ISIC card allows you to maximize travel and lifestyle opportunities as well as entitling you to thousands of discounts and benefits for transportation, culture, dining, leisure activities and other services both in your home country as well as in 95 countries worldwide. For more details about ISIC cards see
ISIC cardholder is entitled to obtain:

ISIC telephone card...

From 1 September 2001 onwards, you can use ISIC card to make low-cost phone calls and, furthermore, there is a bonuse of CZK 100 when charging your ISIC card for the first time. In comparison to Card X, with a special ISIC economy tariff you can save up to 10% for each call.

ISIC Junior Pass...

This school year the Czech Railways offer low-cost train transportation across the Czech Republic. ISIC Junior Pass allows to save approx. 30% on customer fare and approx. 13% on monthly season tickets and railway passes.

ISIC Travel Insurance...

Travel insurance arranged for student cards is issued by only by GTS International and offers to cover the expenses for a period of initial 30 days of a repeated stay abroad. It is valid worldwide and is limited by the validity of the card.

Issue of ISIC Cards at MUAF in Brno

All students who enter their first semester of study at MUAF in Brno obtain an ISIC card after their picture has been taken by the AVC staff and a fee paid. In case of a loss or depreciation of the card, or a change of name, student can submit a written application to the Study Department of a relevant faculty requsting the issue of a new card. The fee paid for a re-issue of the ISIC card is determined by the reason for the re-issue stated in the written application. In the course of study the card's validity is regularly extended for a fee. In case of a stopout, the student is obligated to return his/her ISIC card to the Study Department. After resumption of his/her study the ISIC card is restored to him/her. After graduation student is obligated to return the card to the Study Department. The level of fees connected with the ISIC cards is specified by the Chancellor's decision which is available at the Study Departments at individual faculties.