System integrators

This page shows a list of the system integrators at individual departments. These people are competent to attend to the problems with the information system which the employees and the students of corresponding departments indicate.

In case of a problem or an error in the information system, please contact your system integrator. The list of system integrators is given in the table below.

DepartmentSystem integratorPhoneE-mailOffice
Department of Information Technology - Head of DepartmentIng. Stratos Zerdaloglu+420 545 132 707
+420 733 598 041
stratos.zerdaloglu [at] mendelu.czBA39N1001 (Q1.01)
Faculty of AgricultureIng. Michal Karhánek+420 545 133 007michal.karhanek [at] mendelu.czBA03N3035 (C3.35)
Faculty of AgricultureDavid Dozbaba+420 545 133 098david.dozbaba [at] mendelu.czBA03N1031A (C1.31a)
Faculty of Business and EconomicsIng. Jiří Gruber+420 545 132 724jiri.gruber [at] mendelu.czBA39N1087 (Q1.87)
Faculty of Business and EconomicsIng. František Ostřížek+420 545 132 729frantisek.ostrizek [at] mendelu.czBA39N2070 (Q2.70)
Faculty of Forestry and Wood TechnologyIng. et Ing. Miroslav Cepl+420 545 134 047miroslav.cepl [at] mendelu.czBA04N1042B (B1.42b)
Faculty of Forestry and Wood TechnologyIng. Alice Malá+420 545 134 303alice.mala [at] mendelu.czBA04N1041 (B1.41)
Faculty of HorticultureJosef Knézlík+420 519 367 229
+420 776 629 199
josef.knezlik [at] mendelu.czLB07N2015 (Led-C2.15)
Faculty of HorticultureIng. Pavel Čech+420 519 367 228
+420 601 320 748
pavel.cech [at] mendelu.czLB07N2015 (Led-C2.15)
Faculty of Regional Development and International StudiesBc. Vít Karber+420 545 136 276
+420 776 387 837
vit.karber [at] mendelu.czBN01N2076 (Z2.76)
Institute of Lifelong EducationJosef Schmied, DiS.+420 545 132 737josef.schmied [at] mendelu.czBA05N3014 (E24)

Universal e-mail address to deal with UIS problems is uis [at]