Department of Applied Statistics and Demography (FRDIS) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from HR module of the SAP economic system. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Pavel HrabecAcademic staff - assistantqqhrabec [at]
PhDr. Dana Hübelová, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBN01N3026 (Z3.26)+420 545 136 326hubelova [at]
prof. Ing. Milan Palát, CSc.Academic staff - university professorBN01N3020 (Z3.20)+420 545 136 320palat [at]
Mgr. RNDr. Pavel Ptáček, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBN01N3024 (Z3.24)+420 545 136 324ptacek [at]
doc. Ing. Kristina Somerlíková, Ph.D.Academic staff - associate ProfessorBN01N3022 (Z3.22)+420 545 136 322somerlik [at]

External staff

Ing. Božena BodečkováContracted WorkerBN01N3024 (Z3.24)+420 545 136 324bodec [at]
RNDr. Jana Borůvková, Ph.D.External Instructorqqboruvk [at]
Ing. Pavel HrabecExternal Teacherqqhrabec [at]
Mgr. et Mgr. Jiří KalinaContracted Workerkalina [at]